5th Element



fire mandala




Water Mandala

One thought on “5th Element

  1. I have been filming sacred water sites for the last 2 years and making these Water Fractal Mandala’s. Combining them with my good friend’s sound scapes based around nature and water and am about to release them for sale as downloads..They have therapeutic qualities – colour / light therapy, meditation, calming, de-stressing, screen savers, VJ, installation…

    I am now starting to work on all the elements, so the next one is fire, which is proving to be very satisfactory with exciting possibilities.
    please watch the vimeo versions here of a water and fire fractal mandala.
    I will be doing air an earth soon and the fifth element am thinking will be love and not metal.

    https://vimeo.com/163796159 https://vimeo.com/164692154

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