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Clyngfilm - An introduction

Clyngfilm is a multimedia company that incorporates film, lighting, sculpture, painting, indoor design and much more in its remit. Which is to bring utility and beauty to projects requiring practical use, and wonder and enjoyment for those that are created to be simply beautiful.

Creativity is a path that cannot be predicted

When it goes well, it’s as if the work is completing itself, and I’m just along for the ride. Other times I find myself relying on my 35 years of experience in multimedia to adapt and make good on the promise of a new idea.

Current Work

Current Work

For the last decade, I have become increasingly passionate about my Light Art. This has found it’s fullest expression in Rainbow in the Dark, a light installation that can either be viewed or interacted with. It has a collective audience of over 250,000 people internationally and has never stopped evolving and developing.



This is not to say that my other modes of expression have taken a back seat. Far from it. From public commissions for sculptures, to private commissions for industrial art / craft, my hands are often holding a welding torch one day and a mixing desk the next. I wouldn’t have it any other way as ideas in one discipline can lead to huge leaps in another.

Whatever sparks your interest, contact me and let’s create uniqueness together.

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